In October 2017 Blyth Town Council appointed Phil Atkinson as our Local Environmental Enforcement Officer. Phil is employed by Northumberland County Council, but is based mainly in Blyth. Phil has had a lot of success in the few months that he has been working with us, and in this time has had many referrals from the public regarding the issues that they have come across. Phil has followed these issues up with great success but, unfortunately, at times has had to take up further action to resolve these issues. He has worked closely with the Neat Team and has had lots of success with their support.

The following actions were taken in December 2017:


  • 7 accumulations dealt with
  • 3 CPW’s served
  • 3 cleared by tenants
  • 1 ongoing  


  • 4 Fly tips dealt with
  • 2 offenders interviewed under caution and decision re prosecution
  • 1 awaiting caution
  • 1 awaiting interview & prosecution
  • 1 CPW’s served to prevent further offending
  • All cleared promptly  


  • 4 x litter patrols and advice given  


  • 2 x dog fouling patrols  

Abandoned Vehicles

  • 3 reported vehicles - 1 moved , 2 ongoing efforts to have vehicles moved  

Other Enquiries

  • 4 further enquiries/ advice visits  

Funding of £235 secured from committee of United Services club on Bowes St for purchase of a litter bin with attached ashtray which will be sighted outside the club next to the raised brick planter hopefully significantly reducing problem with cigarette butt litter and hopefully reduce the need and expense of taking away the raised planter. Bin has been ordered by Dave Clough and should be in situ in 4-5 weeks 

The following actions were taken in November 2017:

10 Accumulations dealt with  

• 4​ ​Community Protection Warnings​ ​served
• 3​ ​cleared​ ​by​ ​tenants
• 3​ ​ongoing 

7 Fly tips dealt with

• 1​ ​offender​ ​cautioned
• 1​ ​awaiting​ ​caution
• 1​ ​to​ ​be​ ​issued​ ​Fixed Penalty Notice
• 1​ ​awaiting​ ​interview​ ​&​ ​prosecution
• 3​ ​Community Protection Warnings​ ​served​ ​to​ ​prevent​ ​further​ ​offending
• All​ ​cleared​ ​promptly  

3 Litter issues dealt with

• 3​ ​Fixed Penalty Notices​ ​issued 


• 1​ ​warning​ ​issued​

Abandoned​ ​Vehicles

• 2​ ​reported​ ​vehicles-​ ​both​ ​moved 

Other​ ​Enquiries

• 6​ ​further​ ​enquiries/​ ​advice​ ​visits  

In addition to the above, a case at Crown Court has recently been concluded. This resulted in a 4 year jail sentence being given to the owner of a dangerous dog that had caused injury to children that were within a Council Play Area, where dogs are not allowed.