War Memorials

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The Town Council is responsible for the war memorials at Ridley Park, Newsham Pavilion and Cowpen. Major refurbishment work commenced on 27 June 2018.  The work involves reconfiguration of the steps and new granite paving around the top of the Cenotaph.  Underpinning of the First World War and Boer War memorials is now complete.  There will be a new disabled access pathway leading to the top of the memorial and the parade ground will also be paved with granite.   The paving directly in front of the parade ground will be re-laid to include a dropped kerb.

The bronze plaques have now been renovated.   The lettering on all of the memorials has been cleaned and repainted.   Additional headstones, engraved with the names of those who gave their life in service for the country will be included in the restoration work.

The plan for the Newsham memorial is to have new columns made and replace the name panels with new stonework. A replacement of the soldier on the Cowpen memorial has now been made and it is anticipated that this will be delivered by 5 August 2018.  The lettering on the plaques will be repainted before the new statue arrives.  The soldier’s gun, which had broken off, has been replaced by The Elswick (Blyth) All Arms Association using funding they have raised.

The Town Council is working with Major (Rtd) Derek Fairbairn, President of The Elswick (Blyth) All Arms Association to raise the necessary funds through grants and public subscription to complete the refurbishment of the existing memorials and additional improvements.

Some provision has been made in the Town Council’s 2017/18 budget towards the  full cost of the refurbishment work and The Elswick (Blyth) All Arms Association continue to fundraise for further improvements. If anyone would like to make a donation to the Elswick (Blyth) All Arms fund they can do so via the Blyth Town Council office – please contact us for details.

Blyth Town Council have three war memorials which over the coming months are going to be restored and cleaned.

Blyth Cenotaph Refurbishment

The Cenotaph at Ridley Park is made up of three memorials.

The World War 2 memorial was dismantled and all subsidence issues resolved.  During the time the memorial was dismantled the granite and all the plates with the names of those who gave their lives were cleaned.

The World War 2 memorial has been re-assembled and the Boer War and World War 1 memorials have been cleaned and the names re-painted.  

When the above is completed, work will begin on the restoration work at the memorial at Newsham Pavilion which involves a replacement of two pillars and new name plates.  At Cowpen, a new statue has been ordered with an expected delivery date of 5 August 2018.  Prior to delivery, the original will be removed and the bottom of the memorial will be cleaned and repainted.

Work started on the refurbishment programme for Ridley Park in early June 2018 and it is hoped the work will be completed by early August 2018.  This involves the replacement of the existing paving on the steps and top of the Cenotaph with granite paving, the front of the cenotaph will be made wider and an access path will be installed to link the parade ground to the top of the cenotaph for those less able. The parade ground is currently covered with chipping, this will also be covered with granite paving.

Further photos of the restoration work and the refurbishment work are available to view in the Gallery, or by clicking here.

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