About Blyth Town

The Town of Blyth is a fantastic place to be. With is vast and interesting history and everything that is happening within the town now, the town will be remembered for years to come.

HistoryBlyth’s history is an exciting thing. Find out what the town has been through throughout the years!

GalleryTake a look at Blyth Town Council’s various events and updates throughout our Gallery.

Commemorative Plaques - It was agreed by the Council in 2016 that a commemorative plaque scheme be introduced in the Town. Following a consultation period which ended in mid-January 2017, a list of nominations was compiled. These were considered by the Planning and Development Committee and the next step was to contact the owners of the buildings where we hoped to install the plaques to gain their permission and also gain Listed Building Consent if this was required. This process was started following their meeting on 16 March 2017.