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Blyth Town Council allotment issues are dealt with by the Environment Committee.

Where are our allotment sites?

Discover Blyth Town Council allotments through our virtual map.

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NB You must be resident in Blyth to apply for an allotment.

Blyth Town Council Allotment Sites

Blyth Town Council has responsibility for 10 allotment sites in Blyth.

 - Bolam Avenue, Twentieth Avenue and South View sites are managed by Blyth Smallholdings and Allotment Association.

 - Newsham Side Club and Beatrice Avenue (old) sites are managed by Newsham and New Delaval Allotment Association.

Bolam Avenue 
To see the boundaries for Bolam Avenue, please click here

Twentieth Avenue
To see the boundaries for Twentieth Avenue, please click here

Newsham Side Club (Left) + South View (Right)
To see the boundaries for Newsham Side Club and South View, please click here

Beatrice Avenue
To see the boundaries for Beatrice, please click here for Beatrice New Gardens and here for Beatrice Avenue!

Tenth Avenue
To see the boundaries for Tenth Avenue, please click here

Delaval Gardens
To see the boundaries for Delaval Gardens, please click here

Laverock Place
To see the boundaries for Laverock Place, please click here

To see the boundaries for Bebside, please click here

Wensleydale Terrace
To see the boundaries for Wensleydale Terrace, please click here

Please click here to view a copy of the Tenancy Agreement (Opens in a new window)

If you are an allotment tenant and would like to take on a partner, or you already have a partner - please complete the below partnership agreement form and return it to us.

Partnership Agreement (Opens in a new window)

Useful Information for Allotment Holders

Avian Influenza

Click here to read the Allotment Officer’s notice regarding the Avian Flu. Guidance regarding the Avian Influenza has also been released by the Government, please click here to read it. They have also released an information sheet on how to keep your birds safe, please click here to read it. These notices are posted on all allotment sites that have poultry.

Rotavator - For Use of Allotment Tenants

Blyth Town Council has purchased a rotavator which is available for use by Allotment Tenants on any of the Council’s allotment sites.
Loan of the rotavator is FREE but you will need to provide the petrol for your use.
Click here for further information (Opens in a new window).

Oasis Water Purification Tablets

FREE water purification tablets for allotment holders in Blyth.
Available from Blyth Town Council Offices or your local allotment association.
Before the beginning of the growing season pop the required number of tablets into your water butt to clear stagnant water.
Each tablet will treat 20-25 litres of water - 1 Pack (10 tablets) per allotment holder (subject to availability).
Tablets ARE NOT for consumption.
Blyth Town Council accepts no responsibility for the misuse of these tablets. Please read the instructions when using.

Useful Documents to Help Allotment Holders

How to make free compost from vegetable scraps and garden cuttings - PDF File

Snail & Slug Control Wildlife friendly control methods - PDF File

Bee decline threatens our food and the countryside - WHAT’S UP WITH OUR HONEY BEES? - PDF file

Attracting bumblebees and making artificial bumblebee nest sites in the garden - PDF File

Hints and tips for attracting butterflies to the garden - PDF file

Ten tips for using water wisely in the garden - Doc file

Websites (Opens in a new window) - National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Limited (Opens in a new window) - Allotments Regeneration Initiative (Opens in a new window) - Northumberland Wildlife Trust (Opens in a new window) - General Link’s & Guidance

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