Bus Shelters

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Bus Shelters

Blyth Town Council introduced new Governance arrangements which took effect from May 10 2018. The Bus Shelters have become part of the Environment Committee, and any issues with Bus Shelters will be dealt with by said Committee. 

Blyth Town Council are responsible for the inspection, cleansing and maintenance of 86 bus shelters throughout Blyth. The bus shelters are predominantly located on the main roads within Blyth and we are also responsible for those located in the main bus station.  

A programme of refurbishment of all bus shelters was completed  - this applies to 51 shelters.

New Bus Shelters in Newsham

County Councillor D.Campbell replaced these Bus Shelters on behalf of Blyth Town Council from her Local Improvement Scheme Fund for her ward Newsham


In three and a half years (up to April 2018) vandalism to the bus shelters cost the Council over £15,000.  If you see any vandalism to a bus shelter please let us know as soon as possible by using the email: info@blythtowncouncil.org.uk, telephone 01670 361668 or completing the form below with the bus shelter number and we will deal with it immediately.

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