Litter Issues

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Litter Issues

Litter is a huge problem and despite all the efforts of the Partnership Team we are fighting a constant battle but we will continue to try ways to control the amount of litter in our streets.

An audit of litter bins was undertaken by Town Council Officers during April/May 2018.  All bins have been re-numbered with a ward-specific ID number to make identification of problem areas easier and for residents to report any problems. We now have 141 Post Mounted Bins within Blyth, and 286 Ground Mounted bins, with an overall total of 427 bins managed by Blyth Town Council within the Town.

Where constant reports of full or overflowing bins have been received these have been replaced with higher capacity models.  Officers have met with colleagues in the Northumberland County Council Neighbourhood Team to look at the route for emptying bins and changes have been made to accommodate areas where bins require emptying more frequently.

A problem that frequently occurs is that cigarettes are stubbed out on top of a bin and left there as people may be worried that they set rubbish on fire in the bin if they put their cigarette butt in there.  This means that the butts get blown off the bin and this causes a problem.  Any new stock that is ordered is a model fitted with an ashtray.  Enquires have been made to see if an ashtray can be fitted to existing older bins but, unfortunately, this isn’t possible.  We would like to encourage people to put their cigarettes out properly and use the bin.  New stickers will go on bins and on seats where people tend to drop their cigarettes. 


Environmental Enforcement Officer

Blyth Town Council has an Enforcement Officer who works 2.5 days per week throughout Blyth.  If you have any issues regarding litter, fly tipping  please don’t hesitate to get in touch at or call us on 01670 361668 and we will pass the information onto him.   Use the side link to go to the Enforcement page for further information on his role.



For information on litter picks in the community go to the ‘What’s On’ page.





Great British Spring Clean 2019

The Town Council and other groups organised litter picks throughout the town as part of the Great British Spring Clean campaign which is from 22 March until 23 April.  

Litter picks will continue to be organised after the campaign by the recently formed Bloom group.  If you’d like to get involved in litter picks or other activities organised by the group please contact Alison at Blyth Town Council.


We have had five litter picks as part of the campaign:

Blyth Town Council - Town Centre - Saturday 23 March

A nice day for a litter pick - a bit windy but not too bad.  A great turn-out of 23 people so we split into groups to cover the Town Centre and Plessey Road going down Stanley, Beaconsfield and Union Streets onto Waterloo Road.  We collected 28 bags of rubbish.  Back to Olivers Bar for refreshments (not beer!) organised by owner Paul Stephenson who also took part in the litter pick (until he left to put the kettle on).  Photos are in the gallery.

Buffalo Community Centre (Cowpen Quay Community Association - Cowpen Quay Area - Monday 25 March

Another brilliant turn-out of 26 people which included some of the young people who attend the Youth Club.  We picked on Regent Street, the streets behind the Community Centre and around Morrison’s car park and collected 18 bags of rubbish - and an empty suitcase - not bad for an hour’s work!  Photos of the pick are in the gallery.

Blyth Town Council/Isabella Community Association - Pit Heap - Wednesday 3 April

Not the best day - the weather had taken a turn for the worse and we woke up to snow but 7 of us braved the elements.  We agreed to pick around the path and bridge area where there was a lot of litter in the bushes.  The weather brightened and it wasn’t too bad for a while but we decided to cut the pick short at 11.30 am and head back to the Centre before we got any wetter.  Alan Fryer (Isabella Centre) went to get the wheelbarrow to transport some of the 18 bags of rubbish that had been collected - we managed to carry the rest.  Thank you to the gentleman walking past who carried one of the bags.  Thank you to Kelly at the Centre’s cafe for the butties, tea and coffee.  Only two rain-blurred photos of the group in the gallery for this one - and one of the litter when it stopped raining!

New Delaval & Newsham Residents’ Association - New Delaval and Railway Line Area - Wednesday 10 April

We met at the Pavilion for the Residents’ Association litter pick.  It was a lovely morning and there was a very good turn-out for the pick.  Members of the Residents’ Association were joined by volunteers who have been involved in other picks and the Mayor came along.  There were 17 of us, including the children who enjoyed their litter pick - one had started her packed lunch before we left.  We split up with some going down the footpath between the Park and Delaval Gardens and others down the back lane and Plessey Road to meet at the top beside the gates.  We gathered 13 bags of rubbish and a piece off a bus shelter which we took back to the office.  Refreshments were provided by the Residents’ group at the Pavilion.  Photos in the gallery.

Blyth Town Council - Town Centre - Sunday 14 April

A windy day again but 16 people turned up for this last pick organised by the Town Council.  We all headed for the Town Centre except for a few who started up in the Delaval Terrace/Bowes Street area to work back to the Market Place.  We collected 18 bags of rubbish this time then headed back to Olivers Bar for refreshments and a chat about ideas for future plans.  Click here for the photo.


The litter picks have been supported by volunteers from various groups including Rotary, Friends of Ridley Park, Blyth to Seaton Sluice Links Conservation Group, St Cuthbert’s Church ‘Holy Weeds’/Community Food and Friendship, Buffalo Community Centre, Isabella Community Centre, Asda’s Community Champion, Northumbria Police, New Delaval & Newsham Residents’ Association, staff from New Delaval Co-op Food store, Olivers Bar,  Blyth Town Council Councillors and Officers and, of course, individual residents.  Thank you to everyone who has taken, and continues to take, part. 



Litter Picks 2018

Blyth Town Centre Litter Pick

After the ‘Spring Clean’ everyone was keen to do another litter pick and we decided to concentrate on the Town Centre.  The litter pick was held on 10 June and we enjoyed much better weather than the last time!! We were also joined by some new ‘pickers’ who were very welcome!  Again, it was all back to Olivers Bar for tea and coffee.  Click here to view some of the photos.

Great British Spring Clean

After having to cancel the litter pick due to snow we eventually got out with our litter picking sticks on Saturday 17 March 2018.  A huge thank you to everyone who took part - it turned out to be a lovely morning!!  Special thanks to Paul Stephenson, of Olivers Bar for hosting the refreshments afterwards.  Click here to view some pictures.





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