23 May 2019 Council News

Speed Guns

Police officers and children from Horton Grange Primary School, Blyth have been active on Plessey Road capturing speeding motorists with hand held Speed Guns. In an hour and fifteen minutes they recorded 560 passing vehicles with 22 vehicles recorded as exceeding the 30MPH speed limit. Each speeding motorists was instructed to pull over by the Police and were warned of their speeding violation and given advice on reducing their speed and to drive more responsibly. The general feedback was positive by members of the public and all motorists


Don’t Speed – keep your Town Safe! Please don’t speed as Exceeding legal limits can have devastating results !!


Drivers caught speeding can also suffer in many ways e.g. shame and embarrassment, points on a driving licence, fines, additional insurance premiums or disqualification


Help keep your Town Safe

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