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The Dales School Train

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Deputy Mayor, Councillor John Potts was invited along to The Dales School this morning to await a very special delivery.


"It was an exciting day at the Dales School this morning when two long low loaders arrived carrying two Pacer Trains (Class 144).


The two pacer trains had been donated by Porterbrook and Blyth Town Council had provided the school with a grant towards the project to fund the transport of the trains from Worksop to Blyth. Numerous other organisations are involved in the project.


After a difficult manoeuvre from Cowpen Road, the two trailers were in a position to be moved into the rear school yard, with little space available between the sports and play equipment and the netball post.


The first phase had already been completed with civil engineering work to examine the ground. The base and the permanent track had already been laid in readiness.


The children were very excited with many of them being interviewed on camera for BCC and ITV. Many of the staff and parents had turned out during the holidays to see the installation.


Tune into ITV Tyne Tees and BBC Look North tonight for the full story.