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A Neighbourhood Plan for Blyth

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Blyth Town Council is delighted to announce that councillors have agreed to begin a Neighbourhood Plan within the local community.

The plan to be created alongside Northumberland County Council (NCC) will involve engaging the residents of Blyth to ensure that future planning applications will take into account their wishes on aspects such as services, education, housing, environment, and heritage.

The Council will seek input from residents, community groups, businesses, and schools to create a vision that will become a set of policies used by NCC when considering future planning.

In response, The Mayor of Blyth Town Council, Margaret Richardson, said: " A neighbourhood plan will give the community a voice to help shape our town and ensure that future planning considers the public's opinion on aspects such as local services, schools, housing, and cultural heritage."

Joe Hughes, Town Clerk, added, "We are constantly looking at ways to engage with the residents of Blyth on how their town should develop. The Council is therefore extremely pleased to begin this process involving the people of Blyth in its future."

Councillors of Blyth Town Council approve the creation of Neighbourhood Plan

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