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Northumberland Line Works Update - October 2022

Blyth Town News

At the end of Summer, Northumberland Line stations contractor Morgan Sindall completed the demolition of Arden House, which was located south of South Newsham Road (A1061). The building was removed to make space for the new station and car park.

The main site compound has now been completed at the Newsham Station site. Site cabins have been installed, for the team to use as office spaces and welfare. Additional smaller satellite temporary compounds will be located elsewhere along the route, as and when required.

Following the demolition of Arden House to create space for the new station and car park, works have continued to prepare the site for the construction of the station.

Works have also commenced on the east and west compounds at Newsham Station, including fence installation, site access, site welfare and piling mat installation.

Works to construct the station will commence in early 2023, and more details will be shared in due course.


Preliminary work at Blyth Bebside station has included clearing the land of vegetation ahead of the construction. Work to construct the station is due to start in 2023, and more details will be shared in due course.

This site is another where grouting may be needed to fill in former mine workings and to make the ground stable.

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