Northumbria In Bloom

Northumbria in Bloom runs a campaign every year to recognise, encourage and reward community groups who work together to transform their village, town or city through gardening, environmental awareness and community support.

Our region runs from Berwick in the north, south west to the border with Cumbria, then along the border with North Yorkshire to the sea south of the Tees at Staithes.

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Blyth Town Council has again entered Northumbria in Bloom following another year out of the competition in 2021.                                                                       

Our judges, Nicola Dexter, Allannah Robinson and Keith Blundell, came to us for their Spring visit on 4 April 2022 and will be returning for another visit on 4 July 2022.

After the Spring visit, we confirmed that we will have two Special Entries this year - Ridley Park in the ‘Parks’ category and Friends of Crofton Field in the ‘Conservation Projects’ category.



Although Northumbria in Bloom 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we look forward to a better year next year.

This year an amazing sense of community spirit has enabled people to face the difficulties of this dreadful pandemic together.

 Blyth has been presented with a certificate of recognition by The Royal Horticultural Society and Northumbria in Bloom to emphasise how valuable our work has been in terms of enhancing green spaces and enabling people to feel closer to nature.

Well Done Blyth - a greener community is a stronger, happier community.

Blyth Certificate of Recognition - Northumbria in Bloom

“Here’s looking forward to brighter days ahead.  Hopefully we will all bounce back stronger than ever next year for Northumbria in Bloom 2021” Andrew Jackson, Chair, Northumbria in Bloom


Northumbria in Bloom 2019 Poster

Our judges, Pamela Dive, Anthea Stephenson and John Richards, made their Spring visit on Friday 12 April 2019. Pamela and Anthea returned for the final visit on Friday 19 July but, unfortunately, John wasn’t able to join them.  The awards were presented on Wednesday 25 September, again at the Lancastrian Suite in Gateshead.

The results for 2019 were:

Ridley Park - Gold
Ridley Park Care Home - Silver Gilt

Blyth overall received a Silver Gilt again.

Please see the 2019 Portfolio by clicking here.


This year the Blyth entry was judged by Marjorie Holt, Janet Beakes and Colin Jubb.  Unfortunately, Colin wasn’t able to attend for the July judging but had visited all the areas in April and contributed to the Spring judging comments.

The awards presentation was held on Wednesday 26 September at the Lancastrian Suite, Gateshead and the results for our Special Entries were as follows:

Ridley Park - Gold
St Cuthbert’s Church ‘Holy Weeds’ - Silver
St Cuthbert’s Court - Silver

Tynedale House Care Home Sensory Garden - Silver
Bebside Allotment Site - Gold

In 2018 we were happy to receive a Silver Gilt overall for Blyth.

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Northumbria in Bloom 2017 Poster

The Special Entries were awarded the following:

Ridley Park - Gold and outright winner of the Parks category.
Tynedale House - Gold
Cowpen Crematorium - Silver Gilt
St Cuthbert’s Court - Silver Gilt
Our entry for the Private Garden, Louise Tweedy of Albatross Way was awarded Gold.

Overall for the Town we were again awarded a Silver.

We later found out that St Cuthbert’s Holy Weeds had been given a result of ‘thriving’ in the It’s Your Neighbouhood awards.

Click here to view the 2017 Portfolio.


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