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Blyth Town Council Procurement 2023

23 February 2023


All enquiries are to be received by 31 March 2023

Blyth Town Council require costings for repairs and installation for the following services listed below for a period of 12 months.

1. Water leak repairs    We require an hourly rate for 1-2 persons to conduct such repairs, obviously they would need to be dealt with as soon as reported depending on resources.

2. Concrete Bin Pads   90ltr bin would require   600mmx600mm x 200mm pad 

                                      180ltr bin would require   700mmx700mmx 200mm pad

To include the removal of the spoil from the excavation and installation of the new bin. (Bin will be supplied by BTC)

3. Concrete Seat Pads   1.57 by 0.680m   1.06SQM in total to include the removal of the spoil from the excavation and the installation of the new seat. (Seat will be supplied by BTC)

4. Wet Pour Play Area Repairs    To an area of 300mm x 300mm obviously the bigger the area the greater the cost. We would require these repairs to be attended to asap in line with the current Town Council H&S policy.

5. Play Area Repairs   We require an hourly rate for 1-2 persons to undertake repairs on our 17 play areas when identified or reported. (Some parts will be supplied within parts guarantee agreements)

6. Bus shelter Repairs    Replace Perspex with mesh panels which are assorted sizes (see below)

1130mm x 750mm

1330mm x 1310mm

9990mm x 1000mm  

The majority of the bottom panels are (see below)

1330mm x 700mm

All panels that are replaced will require painting prior to installation in the Blyth Town Council colour which is colour code RAL 3005

If your company can deliver any of the services listed above, please supply the required quotations to the following email addresses