Santa’s Tour of Blyth

Santa's Tour of Blyth

Santa’s Tour of Blyth returns for another year. We hope you’re ready for a fun filled 4 days!


Our Facebook elves will continue this year with the up to date Facebook posts - as we know these were very helpful last year.

This year we also have a Santa Tracker, for you to track Santa in real-time!

Santa will be touring Blyth on his red bus, decked out with Christmas decorations and festive lights .. Listen for his Christmas playlist and his bell ringing HO HO HO.

Santa has some very kind helpers this year from Northumbria Police and Northumberland Fire and Rescue, who are assisting with Santa’s tour.


Zones by Evening

???? MONDAY 13TH ????

???? TUESDAY 14TH ????

???? WEDNESDAY 15TH ????

???? THURSDAY 16TH ????


Looko out for further updates and the Santa Tracker - which we think might help with the excitement as Santa makes his way around your estate!