Santa’s Tour of Blyth

Santa’s Tour will be returning to Blyth 13-16 December 2021.

Look out for more updates.

Santa’s Message for Blyth Residents

Santa’s Tour 2020

Santa’s Blessing


Reverend Catherine Macpherson of St Mary’s Church gave Santa and Blyth town a blessing ahead of the sleigh ride tour.

Thank You Blyth

After a very challenging year for all of us, Santa Claus and his elves would like to thank the people of Blyth for the fantastic reception and huge welcome he has received throughout our town. Santa’s sleigh parade began on Monday 30 November for 4 nights and thousands of you joined us at your doorsteps and streets to wave at Santa and experience the magic with us. Santa has paraded through the streets and seen lots of good little boys and girls who are sure to receive a visit on Christmas Eve night.

We have had care home residents dancing at their windows right through to little children asking Santa for the simple wish of “sunshine” for Christmas.

Blyth Town Council are incredibly proud of our town for allowing us to deliver this spectacular event whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines and keeping each other safe. This event has been more than we had ever hoped for and we are so thrilled that it brought a smile to so many. Remember, you are never too old for Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Blyth Town Council.

Thank you, Blyth.

Santa’s Tour Residents’ Photographs 2020

Over 8,000 of you joined us at your doorsteps/streets to welcome Santa to our town!

2 Children Pictured Waiting for Santa's Tour  Family Pictured waiting for Santa's Tour  2 Children Pictured Outside Waiting for Santa's Tour  Sants's Sleigh Pictured in Blyth  2 Children Pictured waiting for Santa in Blyth, Northumberland

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Deputy Mayor Margaret Richardson (left) and Chair of Community Development Committee Cllr Kath Nisbet (right) pictured with Santa Claus ahead of the final sleigh ride on Thursday 3 December 2020.

Over 8,000 people in Blyth took to their doorsteps and streets to welcome Santa Claus across all 4 days.

We are truly overwhelmed with messages of appreciation. 

So many of you have expressed how much this has meant to your families this year, and we are thrilled you have experienced the magic with us.

“Stars, on a dark rainy night” - said one Resident.

Deputy Mayor & Cllr Kath Nisbet Pictured with Santa Claus in Blyth   

Santa hits the newspapers

News Post Leader article ahead of Santa’s Sleigh Ride through Blyth (Opens in a new window)