Please find below various albums showing photos from past events in Blyth.

War Memorial

Blyth Town Council have three war memorials which over the coming months are going to be restored and cleaned.

The Cenotaph at Ridley Park is made up of three memorials.

At present the World War 2 memorial has been dismantled, as reports have indicated that the memorial has subsided. As part of the restoration work it is necessary to correct this before any other works commence. During the time the memorial has been dismantled the granite and all the plates with the names of those who gave their lives have been cleaned.

The World War 2 memorial is in the process of being re-assembled and the Boer War and World War 1 memorial are being cleaned and the names re-painted.

Following this, work will begin on the restoration work at the memorial at Newsham Pavillion which involves work on restoring names and painting the same. At Cowpen, a new statue has been ordered and prior to it being delivered the original will be removed and the bottom of the memorial will be cleaned and repainted.

A major refurbishment programme is also in place for Ridley Park which we anticipate will begin early June and be completed by late July. This involves the replacement of the existing paving on the steps and top of the Cenotaph with granite paving, the front of the cenotaph will be made wider and an access path will be installed to link the parade ground to the top of the cenotaph for those less able. The parade ground is currently covered with chipping, this will also be covered with granite paving.

Further photos will be added as the restoration work is ongoing and the refurbishment work when it commences.

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