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Blyth in Bloom


Blyth in Bloom 2022

Once again, the Town Council ran its prestigious Blyth in Bloom competition. This year we had 21 entries, all of a very high standard.

Congratulations to everyone who entered. All entrants received vouchers from our sponsors, Perennial Favourites Nursery, and a draw held for gifts kindly donated by Morrisons.

A list of all awards is as follows;

Award Name(s)
Gold Gillian Weedy
Gold Maureen Parkin
Silver Gilt Maureen Starbuck
Silver Gilt John Whittle
Silver Graham Thompson
Silver Shaun Campbell
Silver Tim Lodge
Bronze Lisa and Michelle Mordue
Bronze James and Ruth Schofield
Award Name(s)
Gold Jim and Lynne Edwards
Silver Gilt Shirley Simmons
Silver Irene Muldoon
Bronze Karen Jeeves
Award Name(s)
Gold Barbara Burns
Silver Gilt Micheal and Julie Boyd
Bronze Helen Bottomley
Commercial or Comunity Group/Project
Award Name(s)
Gold Isabella Heap Volunteer Group
Silver Gilt Friends of Crofton Field
Silver Norman Rutherford for Pembroke Court
Silver Newsham Primary School
Bronze The Wallaw

Click here to see the video shown at the presentation evening.

Blyth in Bloom 2021

The Town Council started the competition to celebrate the gardening achievements of all residents entering. We were pleased to receive 13 entrants this year, despite the difficult lead up due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The presentation evening was held on Wednesday 29 September and we would like to congratulate those who put enormous efforts into their outdoor spaces. 


Congratulations to all of our entrants:

Best Garden

Joint Gold Star - Bob & Beryl Cessford, Jean Hayton**

**Judges Discretionary Award for Most Improved Garden.

Silver Gilt - Graham Norman Smith

Silver - Gillian Weedy

Silver - Graham Thompson

Bronze - Kathleen Brown

Bronze - Jack Goodall

Bronze - Sam Bagnall & Charly Quinn**

**Judges’ Discretionary Award for Best Efforts of New Entrant.

Best Yard

Gold - Jim & Lynne Edwards

Silver Gilt - David & Pat Sumner

Best Allotment

Gold - Barbara Burns

Silver Gilt - Michael & Julie Boyd

Best Commercial or Community Garden

Gold - Newsham Primary School

Vouchers for all entrants were provided by Perennial Favourites - don’t forget to pop along and spend your vouchers!  Prizes for all entrants were kindly donated by Morrisons - thanks to Colleen, Community Champion at Morrisons, for their continued support.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Look out for our 2022 competition.

Blyth in Bloom 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was with deep regret that we had to cancel the 2020 competition.

We have created an album of those who sent us photographs throughout summer 2020, showcasing their gardens that they had worked hard on during the difficult months of lockdown and restrictions.

Click here to view the Blyth in Bloom 2020 photographs (Opens in a new window).

Blyth in Bloom 2019

In 2019 we had 23 entrants - some who had entered the competition before but mostly new entrants. 

Cllr Olga Potts, Chair of Environment Committee, welcomed everyone before handing over to the Mayor Cllr Warren Taylor to present the awards. We adopted the Northumbria in Bloom standards and awarded Gold, Silver Gilt, Silver and Bronze - as with Northumbria in Bloom, the same award can be given to more than one person in a category. 

They chose to use their Discretionary Award this year and that was for an outstanding garden - we called this award Gold Star.

The Town Council started the competition to celebrate the gardening achievements of all residents entering and thought this was an improvement as it gave credit to the high standards reached by those who entered the competition.

The results were:

Award Name(s) Address Images Link
Best Garden

Judges’ Dicretionary Award

Gold Star

Robert & Beryl Cessford Herring Gull Close Robert & Beryl Cessford Images
Gold John & Joan Percival Bohemia Terrace John & Joan Percival Images
Silver Gilt Jean Hayton  Pioneer Way Jean Hayton Images

Maureen Parkin

Coronation Street Maureen Parkin Images


Jack Goodall St Cuthbert’s Court Jack Goodall Images


Audrey Parry Mulberry Close Audrey Parry Images


Gillian Weedy Kiingfisher Way Gillian Weedy Images


Carol Orrick Shelley Crescent Carol Orrick Images


Laura Gillis Grebe Close Laura Gillis Images


Michael & Margaret Johnson Cypress Gardens Michael & Margaret Johnson Images


Joanna Calver Amble Close Joanna Calver Images


Graham Thompson Delaval Gardens Graham Thompson Images


John Whittle Pioneer Way John Whittle Images
Best Yard
Gold Laura Foster Cowpen Road Laura Foster Images
Silver Gilt Lynne & Jim Edwards Cowpen Road Lynne & Jim Edwards Images
Silver Irene Muldoon Stanley Street Irene Muldoon Images


Stephen Wood William Street Stephen Wood Images


Christine & Michael Morris Rosemary Terrace Christine & Michael Morris Images
Best Allotment
Gold Barbara Burns Newsham Side Club Barbara Burns Images
Gold Deborah Barnes Beatrice Allotments Deborah Barnes Images
Best Commercial/Community Group
Gold Belford Court Devonworth Place Belford Court Images
Silver Gilt Pembroke Court Plessey Road Pembroke Court Images
Silver Thomas Knight Nursing Home Beaconsfield Street Thomas Knight Nursing Home Images

Thanks again to Adam and Fiona Greenwold of Perennial Favourites for their continued support in sponsoring the competition with vouchers for the nursery. 

We were grateful for the support of Morrisons who donated bulbs and a hamper.  

We hope everyone will enter the competition again and tell their friends and neighbours!

Take a look at the rolling presentation we had at the Presentation Evening in 2019 below.


Blyth in Bloom 2018

We were delighted to have 20 entrants in the competition in 2018, building on the 13 entrants in the first year.  The gardens were judged on 24 and 25 July by our judges - Jimmy, Bob and Dave - and we would like to thank them again.as it’s not an easy task!

In 2018 we awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in four categories - the winners were:

Award Name(s) Address Images Link
Best Garden
Winner Robert & Beryl Cessford Herring Gull Close

Robert & Beryl Cessford Pictures

2nd Place Jean Hayton Pioneer Way

Jean Hayton Pictures

3rd Place  Jack Goodall  St Cuthberts Court

Jack Goodall Pictures

Best Yard
Winner Michael & Christine Morris Rosemary Terrace

Michael & Christine Morris Pictures

2nd Place Stephen Wood William Street

Stephen Wood Pictures

3rd Place Steve Frake & Jane Freeman Wensleydale Terrace

Steve Frake & Jane Freeman Pictures

Best Allotment
Winner Stephen McMillan Beatrice Allotments

Stephen McMillan Pictures

2nd Place Barbara Burns Newsham Side Club

Barbara Burns Pictures

3rd Place Deborah Barnes Beatrice Allotments

Deborah Barnes Pictures

Best Commercial/Community Group
Winner Sure Start Children’s Centre Wright Street

Sure Start Children’s Centre Pictures

2nd Place Railway Tavern Regent Street

Railway Tavern Pictures

3rd Place Thomas Knight Nursing Home Beaconsfield Street

Thomas Knight Nursing Home Pictures

The winners were presented with a trophy, certificate and a £20 gift voucher for Perennial Favourites.  A certificate and voucher for £15 and £10 respectively was presented to the 2nd and 3rd place winners.  Everyone who entered the competition received a certificate and a voucher for 10% off at Perennial Favourites.  Our thanks again to Adam and Fiona Greenwold of Perennial Favourites nursery (East Park View, Blyth - just beside Ridley Park) for being our sponsors and providing the gift vouchers - we are grateful for their support and advice.

2017 - The First ‘Blyth in Bloom’ Competition

The Presentation Evening for the competition was held on Wednesday 20 September 2017 at Blyth Comrades Club and was well attended by the competition entrants, their family and friends, Blyth Town Councillors and invited guests.

Cllr Kath Nisbet, Chair of the Events Committee, welcomed everyone and gave a short introduction.  She has always been keen to start a competition for Blyth, since the one that had been run by Blyth Valley Borough Council, and was happy that a new competition  has been launched this year.  She hopes that it would grow bigger in the years to come with everyone encouraging their friends and neighbours to join in.  She thanked Alison McCabe, the Office Manager, for bringing the competition together.  Cllr Nisbet then handed over to Cllr John Potts, Mayor, to make the presentations together with Jimmy Reith, one of the judges.  Cllr Potts thanked the judges who were all present - Jimmy Reith, our colleague at Northumberland County Council, Bob Stephenson a former Blyth Valley Council employee and one of the Town Council’s main Bloom volunteers, Dave Clough, Blyth Town Council’s Allotments Officer - Cllr Potts was keen to point out that Dave didn’t judge the allotments category.  He also thanked Terry Garnick, Northumberland County Council, for his advice and support.  He explained how the judges had marked the entries before announcing the winners.  The winners in each category were:

Award Name(s) Address
Best Front Garden Glen Brown Chestnut Avenue
Best Back Garden Robert and Beryl Cessford Herring Gull Close
Best Back Yard Isobel Hatcher Forster Street
Best Commercial or Community Group Tynedale House Residential Home Represented by Linda Starkey
Best Allotment Stephen McMillan Beatrice Avenue Site
Judges’ Discretionary Award Jean Hayton Pioneer Way

Each of the winners was presented with a personalised glass trophy, a certificate and a £20 gift voucher for Perennial Favourites.

All of the entrants were then invited up to be presented with a certificate and a 5% discount voucher for Perennial Favourites or Greenwolds Plant Centre at Royal Quays.

The Mayor again thanked everyone who took part and especially thanked Adam Greenwold, owner of Perennial Favourites and Greenwolds Plant Centre, for sponsoring the competition by providing the prizes.