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Community Grants


For 2023/24 the Town Council has a total budget of £173,300 for Community Funding to support groups and organisations in the Town and to help them deliver activities and projects that benefit Blyth and its residents.  The funding is split into £157,300 for Community Support Grants and £16,000 for Councillors’ Small Schemes Funding (each Councillor is allocated £1,000).

The Community Funding Sub-Committee meets four times a year to consider applications for Community Support Grants. 

Councillors can use their Small Schemes funding at any time of the year to give grants or pay for projects and their requests must be approved by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Community Development/Community Funding Sub-Committee and the Town Clerk.

How to apply for a Community Support Grant

We are now accepting applications for 2023/24 funding.

Please see below the Community Funding Sub-Committee meeting dates and the closing dates for applications

12 May 2023 6 June 2023
18 August 2023 12 September 2023
13 October 2023 7 November 2023
12 January 2024 6 February 2024


For 2023/24 the maximum grant that can be applied for is £5,000.  Please read the updated Policy and Procedure for Community Funding 2023/2024  for full instructions on applying for a grant. (Opens in a new window)

Click here for an Application Form.  (Opens in a new window)

Blyth Town Council Grants Awarded

Councillors’ Small Schemes Funding 
Councillors' Small Schemes Funding 2022/23 (opens in a new window)
Councillors’ Small Schemes Funding 2021/22 (opens in a new window)

COVID Community Support Grants
COVID-19 Community Support Grants (opens in a new window)

Community Grants 
Grants Awarded 2022/23 (opens in a new window)
Grants Awarded 2021/22 (opens in a new window)
Please contact us if you require details for years prior to these.