Speed Sensor Data


10 January 2020


In an effort to reduce the speed of vehicles in and around the Town, Blyth Town Council have purchased a number of Speed Indicator Devices. These devices, or sensors as more commonly known, are temporary vehicle activated signs which detect and display real time vehicle speeds. The device will also record data that enables us to analyse various statistics about vehicle numbers, speed values and violations. From the data recorded we can produce detailed reports which can be shared with Northumbria Police and other relevant organisations.

The visual speed indication and thereby the attempt to influence the driver`s speed is quite a new field in the common road and traffic technology. Nowadays public authorities start to install luminary speed indication signs for the same purpose and additionally to manage the traffic flow. Besides avoiding traffic congestion, these systems also shall decrease the drivers speed in order to reduce the rate of accidents and the heaviness of their consequences.

Our system of a mobile, autonomous and numerical speed indication display fulfils this aim especially in communal and urban areas, speed limit zones, living areas and in front of schools.

The Speed Indicator Devices are regularly moved to different locations across Blyth. A monthly summary and Speed data table will be available to view on this page from each Speed Indicator Device from each location.

Police officers and children from Horton Grange Primary School, Blyth have been active on Plessey Road capturing speeding motorists with hand held Speed Guns. In an hour and fifteen minutes they recorded 560 passing vehicles with 22 vehicles recorded as exceeding the 30MPH speed limit. Each speeding motorists was instructed to pull over by the Police and were warned of their speeding violation and given advice on reducing their speed and to drive more responsibly. The general feedback was positive by members of the public and all motorists

Drivers caught speeding can also suffer in many ways e.g. shame and embarrassment, points on a driving licence, fines, additional insurance premiums or disqualification

Don’t Speed – keep your Town safe. Please don’t speed as exceeding legal limits can have devastating results !!


Listed below are the abbreviations for the monthly Speed data table

Speed Violations Percentage of vehicles exceeding the speed limit

Vehicles Number of vehicles recorded during evaluation time

Vd (mph) Average speed of vehicles during evaluation time

Vmax (mph) Maximum speed recorded by sensor during evaluation time

Please see below the data for:

December 2019

Click here to view the data for December.

November 2019

Click here to view the data for November.

October 2019

Click here to view the data for October.

September 2019

Click here to view the data for September.

August 2019

Click here to view the data for August.

July 2019

Click here to view the data for July.

June 2019

Click here to view the data for June.

May 2019

Click here to view the data for May.

April 2019

Click here to view the data for April.

March 2019

Click here to view the data for March.

February 2019

Click here to view the data for February.

January 2019

Click here to view the data for January.

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