Weekly Operational Schedule

Blyth Town Council and Northumberland County Council work together to provide core and enhanced environmental services in Blyth.  

This page will be updated weekly to include all scheduled neighbourhood services within your area:

Weekly Operational Schedule - W/C 09 May 2022 

Grass Cutting

This week we plan to undertake grass cutting in the following areas:

Area 1 

  • BLY-O01 - Cowpen Road 
  • BLY-O02 - Bebside 
  • BLY-O03 - Cowpen Estate 
  • BLY-BW07 - Kings Head Field 
  • BLY-BW08 - Fergusons Field 

Area 2 

  • BLY-Y01 - Cowpen Quay 


  • BLY-T01 - Rotary Way Roadside 
  • BLY-T02 - South Newsham Rd 
  • BLY-T03 - Meggies Burn 
  • BLY-T04 - South Beach Pub PF (incl rear Heron Cl) 
  • BLY-T05 - Big Field (South Beach) 
  • BLY-T06 - Mulberry Playground Field 
  • BLY-T10 - Eleventh Ave Field 
  • BLY-T11 - Gallaghers Field (Newsham) 
  • BLY-T12 - Hallside to Nisa Shops 
  • BLY-T23 - Broadway Field 

Weed Spraying 

This week we plan to undertake weed spraying in the following areas: 

Area 1 

  • King’s, Queen’s and Prince’s Gardens. 

Mechanical Sweeping

This week we plan to undertake mechanical sweeping in the following areas: 

Area 1 

  • Blyth_1 Chase Farm 
  • Blyth_2 Bebside/Kitty B 
  • Blyth_3 Tynedale/Briardale 
  • ​​​​​​​Blyth_4 Swaledale/Devonworth 

Area 2 

  • Blyth_12 Edward/Wanley St 
  • Blyth_13 Harper/Claremont Tce 
  • Blyth_14 Bondicar/Princess L 
  • ​​​​​​​Blyth_15 Coomassie/Croft rd 

Area 3 

  • Blyth_23 Alconbury Cl/Fairfield Ave 
  • Blyth_24 Gateley Rd/ Dunkfield Cl 
  • ​​​​​​​Blyth_25 Lapwing Cl/Osprey Dr 

Street Cleansing

This week we plan to undertake extra street cleansing in the following zones: 

Area 1  

  • Factory site, Maple Cres and Glendale Ave areas   
  • Front St., Adsa Est, Tynedale Drive, Monkdale Est.   
  • ​​​​​​​Devonworth Place, Brierly Rd, Hallside areas   

Area 2  

  • Hodgsons Road area   
  • Hodgsons Road to Wright Street area   
  • Bowes Court to Waterloo Road area    
  • ​​​​​​​Bondicar Terrace to Kingsway areas   

Area 3  

  • Newsham Farm   
  • Newsham Est, Benridge Park areas  
  • ​​​​​​​Newsham area, South Newsham Road, Fulmar Drive areas 

Bin Emptying

This week we plan to undertake bin emptying as per the weekly schedule:

  • Town Centres Daily - 7 visits per week (1 per day)
  • Parks - Summer 7 visits per week (1 per day) / 2 visits per week
  • Shop fronts / high profile areas - 3 visits per week
  • All other bins - 1/2 visits per week (depending on location)

The full bin emptying schedule can be viewed on the following link:

Weekly Schedule Document Download

Click here to view the full weekly operational schedule plus the PDF for full bin emptying (Opens in a new window)

Playground Inspections

This week playgrounds will be inspected in accordance with our schedule:

Area 1

Axwell Drive, Briardale Road, Lindsay Avenue, Ogle Drive/Isabella Skate Park, Burns Avenue, North Farm

Area 2

Bowes Street, Broadway, St Johns Muga, Millfield gardens

Area 3

Cottingwood Green, Laverock Place, Mulberry Close play area and x fit gym, South Beach teen trail, Newsham Farm.



Fixed Operational ScheduleNorthumberland County Council Logo

Litter Bins

All litter bins are emptied at least once a week and bins in higher footfall areas are emptied more frequently.

Click here to view the litter bin schedule (opens in a new window)

Grass CuttingBlyth Partnership Logo

All grassed areas are regularly cut, and this is programmed to be completed on a fortnightly basis throughout the grass cutting season. This is reviewed on a weekly basis throughout the season and programmed around exceptional weather conditions.

Bus Shelters

Blyth Town Council bus shelters are cleansed and inspected monthly. All maintenance issues reported are programmed in to be completed at the earliest opportunity.

Play Areas

All play areas are inspected on a weekly basis with all inspection reports submitted directly to Blyth Town Council electronically by ROSPA & RPII registered inspectors.

All play areas also receive programmed quarterly and annual independent inspections.

Maintenance issues identified from all inspections are acted upon immediately with appropriate action taken to rectify and replace defected equipment parts and surfaces. 

Temporary quarantine of individual pieces of equipment or play area closures may be required depending on the extent of the works required to rectify any issues.

Click here to view all of Blyth Town Council managed play areas (opens in a new window)

Weed Spraying

It is planned to complete a minimum of 2 weed spraying programmes across all areas throughout the year.

Achieving successful and complete weed spraying can become problematic if parked vehicles or other obstructions prevent adequate treatments to take place.

Other issues which play a part in delivering a successful treatment programme include avoiding wet and windy conditions.